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Stephen A. Smith Reveals What An Assistant Coach Told Him About Why Carmelo Anthony Remains Unsigned

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Carmelo Anthony isn’t living the best times as an NBA player. In fact, the future Hall of Famer is not even part of the league at this very moment, something that has raised a lot of concerns about Melo and his future as a pro.

Even Joe Johnson was signed by the Detroit Pistons while Anthony keeps looking for a team that gives him a new chance in the league. Albeit he’s been linked with a couple of squads, it doesn’t look so simple for him to sign a new deal. NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith has shared what an assistant NBA coach told him on why Carmelo Anthony remains a free agent.

In an episode of Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Smith shared the conversation he had with an assistant coach about Anthony. According to the coach, Carmelo isn’t part of the league right now because of his pedigree and the diminished role he’d be given in any team. As transcribed by Heavy:

“One coach said this to me, he said: ‘Stephen A this brotha is a future Hall of Famer, but I don’t think he works for my nine-man rotation. How am I supposed to look down at the end of my bench and see a Hall of Famer and not think I’m going to take heat for that? Why would I want that headache? I know from roster 9 to 15, he clearly could be on any roster in the NBA. The problem is, most of those dudes are marginal talents without his resume that you could justify and get away with it and get peace of mind. That’s why he’s not in the league.”

We are less than a month away from the start of training camp, and there is no signal that Melo is going to find a new franchise before that date. He has revealed he and his agent reached out to several teams, and that he’s willing to accept any role he gets, but those claims don’t seem to be enough for NBA teams.