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Stephen A. Smith Rips LeBron James For Lackluster Performance Against Clippers



In typical Stephen A. fashion, he gave LeBron James enormous credit for his efforts on the defensive end before slamming him for just about everything else in regards to his performance in last night's 112-102 loss to the Clippers.

Aside from looking a step slow, James had just 18 points on an abysmal 36% shooting. He also had 5 turnovers in 36 minutes.

On his morning show "First Take," Smith was quick to criticize James for his rather underwhelming night.

Not only did Bron show a lack of aggression, but he seemed to even shy away from the spotlight offensively, and instead looked to Anthony Davis for bail-outs on possessions.

After the game, James played-down his rivalry with Kawhi, denying it even existed. Stephen A. and the rest of the First Take crew agued otherwise and then ripped LeBron for backing down.

It's just one game, and it was the very first one, but there are things to be concerned about on the Lakers' front. Has age finally caught up with the King? Do Anthony Davis and LeBron work together? Is the team capable of playing both sides of the ball at a consistently high rate?

These are the questions many find themselves asking after the opening-day let down by L.A. No doubt, we will get a more reliable answer to those concerns as the season draws on.