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Stephen A Smith Says Going To Cleveland Would Be The Worst Thing To Happen For Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson Duke 312312

“The next LeBron.” “Once in a lifetime player.” “The next big thing.”

These are just a couple of the many phrases being thrown around about Duke sensation Zion Williamson. At 6’7”, weighing in at 285 pounds, with season averages of 20.7 points and 9.5 rebounds on 65% shooting, it’s no longer a question of if Williamson will see success in the NBA.

Rather, the question has become where, exactly, that success will be achieved.

There are a myriad of possibilities at the plate, but not all are good.

ESPN’s Stephen A Smith explained why the Cavs are the worst option for Zion this upcoming summer, and it all has to do with LeBron James.

In his opinion, if Zion gets drafted to Cleveland, people would immediately expect him to become the next LeBron, not only because the folks there are hungry for their next star, but because Zion is already so similar to him.

They are both ultra-talented, big, athletically gifted, and have polarizing play styles.

From the beginning, all sorts of pressure would be placed on the youngster to perform, more-so under the spotlight of James’ shadow than that of another franchise.

Because we’ve seen so many prospects crack from immense pressure already, having that type of narrative being constantly driven would not be a great thing for him.

Hense, he might be better off in Atlanta.

Though, unfortunately, the Cavs are winning the tank war so far, so Zion may have to find a way to deal with the hefty, ridiculous expectations anyway.

Heck, he might even embrace it.