Stephen A. Smith Says James Harden Is The Best Player In The League

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James Harden

James Harden was widely viewed as the best shooting guard in the league during his time in Houston. With the trade to the Brooklyn Nets, he has had to adjust to playing more of a facilitating role. Even with the shift in his responsibilities, James Harden has performed remarkably well. He leads the league in assists with 11.2 APG and has slotted well into being the primary playmaker on the team.

One of the people who has noticed James Harden's dominance is Stephen A. Smith. Stephen A. Smith said James Harden is a candidate for the MVP award, and that he's leading the Brooklyn Nets.

James Harden is clearly a versatile player who is trying his best to win. The Brooklyn Nets superteam is the best chance that James Harden has had to win a championship, and he seems to be doing the most to make it work. Harden's abilities are what have helped the superteam gel. Perhaps Stephen A. Smith is right: it wasn't about the money for Harden when leaving Houston. Harden wanted to win, and with the Brooklyn Nets, he is getting that opportunity so far.

James Harden is a unique player who can absolutely dominate a game. It is clear that playing with other superstars has gotten the best out of his elite passing, and he can still score when necessary. While there are many players who are in contention to be the best in the league, Harden is certainly one of them.