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Stephen A. Smith Says Kevin Durant Joining LeBron At Lakers Would Be The Worst Move

Stephen A. Smith Says Kevin Durant Joining LeBron At Lakers Would Be The Worst Move

Kevin Durant and LeBron James are two of the best basketball players in the world and have been acknowledged as such for several years now, as these two ballers have dominated the game for the most part of the millennium. Plenty of people have wondered how good a team would be if they have LBJ and KD playing together, and even though that would sound as instant domination, things don’t seem to be that clear.

Albeit these two joining force would be unstoppable, things wouldn’t be that easy, as Durant and James might be incompatible to play in the same team due to the similarities of their game and how managed themselves on the court.

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith took on First Take to discuss this topic, claiming Durant going to play with LeBron at Los Angeles would be the “worst move.”

After agreeing with Stan Van Gundy on the Lakers being the worst place to go for Durant, Smith said:

“That was my answer, the answer was the Lakers, but it’s for a different reason. Not to say that any of your reasons were wrong, because they’re all right on point and I agree with you about the Knicks because they’d win something and at least be a contender with him there and that would help bring stability.

But in the case of where he should go, where he shouldn’t go, I think the Lakers are the last place that Kevin Durant should want to go for this reason: clearly he’s looking to eclipse LeBron not help LeBron remain afloat, and we all know that if KD went to LA he would be viewed as a secondary dude to LeBron, because LeBron got picked first, LeBron’s at 3-time Champion, even though he (Durant) will be a three-time champion - the very thing that he wants to avoid, he will be invited, and that would be an absolute emotional nightmare for KD. The last place he needs to go is to the Lakers.”

Just as LeBron has chased MJ and Kobe’s legacies, Durant is doing the same thing with the King, so a move to Los Angeles would be more counterproductive if he wants to surpass LBJ. Albeit KD landing at Staples Center sounds very unlikely now, things can change within a couple of weeks, but for now, L.A. is not a good place for the 2014 NBA MVP winner.