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Stephen A. Smith Says Kevin Durant Made A Mistake Joining The Nets: "I'm Sad For You Bro."

Kevin Durant Sends A Message To His Fans And Haters: "Knew I Needed Love But I Think I Value The Hate More."

When the Brooklyn Nets signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving a few years ago, it marked a new era for the New York basketball team.

After years of mediocrity, the arrival of the star-studded duo meant the Nets would be competing at the highest level.

Unfortunately, it hasn't taken very long at all for things to fall apart.

After giving up their depth to trade for James Harden (who has not lived up to his superstar status), Kyrie Irving has barely been on the court, with his most recent absence being the result of his battle against the COVID-19 vaccine.

And so, following Brooklyn's embarrassing defeat against Golden State on Tuesday, emotions were running high all around the league, including from ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith.

On 'First Take' the next morning, he went on a rage-fueled rant about the state of the Nets, going so far as to say Durant made a mistake joining the team back in 2019.

"Kevin Durant, I'm sad for you bro. You are all alone. You have no help. And more importantly than anything else, you made the wrong decision by going to Brooklyn. Kevin Durant made the wrong decision by going to the Brooklyn Nets and he's gonna rue the day that he did that. Because you got a guy in James Harden, second year in a row, who ain't James Harden right now. Averaging 19 points per game, you sitting there struggling from the field.

Most of all, Stephen A. blames Kyrie for the team's struggles and tagged his behavior as a betrayal.

"KD, you made the wrong decision bro, and here's why: because you trusted Kyrie. Kyrie Irving betrayed you, FLAT out betrayed you! Left you hanging! And while you sitting there getting your a** kicked last night, Steph Curry is sitting there shimmying and joking around."

Needless to say, the Nets are feeling the heat from around the association right now. In light of their most recent defeat, it has become obvious that they have a lot of things to work out.

As for Durant, he hasn't shown any signs of displeasure in Brooklyn, but there's no way he's happy with the way things are going at the moment.