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Stephen A. Smith Says Klay Thompson ‘Isn’t Happy’ In Golden State

(via Time Magazine)

(via Time Magazine)

The Golden State Warriors face a difficult challenge ahead as they look to advance in the Western Conference Playoff race. Steph Curry is struggling, the bench contribution is non-existent, and the Rockets are firing on all cylinders heading back into Oakland for Game 5.

But there is much more at stake for the defending Champs. While in danger of losing Kevin Durant, word on the street is that one of their splash bros (who also happens to be a free agent) is not very happy either.

Here is the report by ESPN's Stephen A Smith:

“I’m told Klay Thompson isn’t happy,” Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday morning. “His number hasn’t been called nearly enough. He’s tired of sitting around and getting, quote-unquote, ‘the crumbs’ left behind by other people.”

Klay has been in the backburner of Golden State since KD's arrival. Even if Durant decides to leave, there might be some lingering animosity towards the way they have treated him these past couple of years.

If they lose him AND Durant, it would mean the end of contention for the defending Champs. Unfortunately for them, what seemed like a long shot is now looking very possible as the playoffs wind down.