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Stephen A. Smith Says Kyrie Irving Has Betrayed Basketball Fans

Stephen A. Smith Says Kyrie Irving Has Betrayed Basketball Fans

Throughout his 10-year career, Kyrie Irving has been the subject of countless headlines, usually for all the right reasons.

As a talented NBA superstar who frequently helps the community, the guy is loved and revered by many.

But there are also a few instances that have rubbed folks the wrong.

Much like his "flat-earth" conspiracy comments, Irving is again drawing heavy criticism for his stance on the COVID-19 crisis. Because of his refusal to get the vaccine, Irving has forfeited the privilege to play this season, and it's costing his team big time.

In a recent episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith laid into Irving for his behavior, saying that he betrayed basketball fans by not showing up to play.

"Each and every single time he thinks about himself and he left his boy hanging. KD came to Brooklyn because of Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving has betrayed KD, he has betrayed basketball fans with these continual excuses for his absence, he has betrayed his teammates, he's betrayed the NBA game. He is a superstar, a showstopper, must-see television, must-see in person, he's that much of a genius of a basketball player. He don't give a damn about that. We're beneath him. He's *here* the rest of us are *here.* We're not on his level, we can't think like him."

Irving, 29, has missed chunks of time before. Last season, he was out for multiple games due to "personal reasons" that still remain unknown.

And while hope remains that Irving might make his way back eventually, a return does not seem likely anytime soon, even despite how much the Nets need him right now.

At 10-5 on the season, Brooklyn is doing a good enough job staying afloat in the East, but they have been very underwhelming so far.

Unless Uncle Drew makes his way back to action, the Nets are never going to reach their true potential.