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Stephen A. Smith Says LeBron James Is The Best Playmaker In Sports Over Tom Brady

LeBron James flexing

For years, people have debated who the greatest athlete of all time is.

Names like Michael Phelps, Babe Ruth, Roger Federer, Mohamed Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, and Tom Brady often headline that conversation but there never seems to be a consensus.

Everybody's got their own take and at some point, it's kind of a futile debate. 

Nonetheless, when Michael Irvin and Stephen A. Smith get into it, you better believe that they're going to go the extra mile to try and support their take.

That's exactly what happened when Irvin said that Tom Brady was the greatest playmaker in sports, to what Smith said that he was delusional because it was clearly LeBron James (1:48):

"Right now, at this moment, in 18 seasons, LeBron James has 35,367 points. LeBron James has 9,696 assists. LeBron James has shot for his career 50.4% from the field. Ok? And, by the way, yes; he won championships with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Yes, he won another championship with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Yes, he won a championship with Anthony Davis. But LeBron James, despite the greatness he's been around, has universally been recognized -- I mean, right now, I got Kevin Durant as number one -- but he's universally been recognized clearly as the greatest player on his squad. Relentlessly so. So, when I tell you he doesn't just score. He assists, he runs an offense, he's one of, if not the greatest passer in the game right now. Would you look at all of that and his résumé and you're trying to tell me that Tom Brady is a greater playmaker than LeBron James?" Smith said.

To be honest, you couldn't go wrong either way here. We're talking about the greatest quarterback of all time and the greatest player of his generation.

I mean, we're comparing players that don't even play the same sport. So, whatever suits you.