Stephen A. Smith Says No One Could Blame LeBron James If He Demands To Be Traded From Lakers

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LeBron James

It’s not a secret that the Los Angeles Lakers had a terrible 2018/19 season despite the high expectations they had before the beginning of the campaign; they signed good players that were expected to help the team to improve its level, but they failed big time. Ever since that things have only gotten worse for the Lakers given the fact that their president of basketball operations stepped down and now nobody knows who is in charge of the team.

The Lakers are a very unstable franchise that needs to make big changes if they want to become successful again, but the path they decided to follow hasn’t been the best for their interests. Rumors about who could stay and who could be leaving the team have surfaced in recent days, but now the Californians have a bigger problem, as the possible departure of their expected-to-be savior LeBron James has been a common topic in the last hours.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith discussed this matter on First Take, stating that if LeBron wants to get out of Lakers, nobody would blame him. When asked whether LeBron would be justified to ask the Lakers to trade him, he said:

“I believe he would, I believe he would be justified and the reason I believe he would be justified is because the Lakers at this particular moment in time appear to be as they were during the Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak era.”

He added:

“If you’re LeBron James, even though you clearly came to L.A. for things more than just basketball the reality is that Magic Johnson was at your doorstep at the strike of midnight on July 1st. The work commitment was made; LeBron James did not sign a one-year deal or a bonuses deal with opt out after one year. He committed to the first three years, got a player on the fourth year if I remember correctly.

He committed to that and so when you look in the commitment he made, he certainly doesn’t deserve anybody walking out of him prior to that commitment being filled and once that happens all bets are off (…) With Magic being gone and with us hearing the names Linda Rambis and Rob Pelinka associated with executive decisions being made about a basketball franchise, if I’m LeBron James, that’s not something I want to be subjected to.”