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Stephen A Smith Says Rondo Got Disrespectful With Him In The Locker Room


Rajon Rondo is known as a fighter and dog. He doesn't take any nonsense.

Though, striking back at Stephen A Smith was probably uncalled for.

According to the ESPN reporter, the Lakers point guard got "disrespectful" with him in the locker room.

“As an aside, I just wanted, if you don’t mind, I just wanted to deviate away from this particular subject. I wanted to start off the show saying something — when I was in the Lakers locker room last night, Mr. Rondo directed a very disrespectful comment my way," Smith said on the show.

He didn’t say it by name. I was standing right next to him. I just kept my head down because out of respect to the Los Angeles Lakers as an organization, I didn’t want to make a scene. So, I just left it at that. I just want Rondo to know I know that.

Number 1. And Number 2 - I stand by my proclamation that he deserved a 15-game suspension for spitting in the face of Chris Paul. And last but not least, I just want to say out of respect for him, I would remind him … I never said anything about why he left Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Sacramento, it goes on and on. I’ll just leave it at that.

Anytime he wants to have a big man conversation, I’m more than willing to have a conversation because I do respect him.”

Apparently, Rondo has a problem with Smith. Whether or not they'll meet to resolve it is one thing, but whether or not it's even a matter of importance is another.

With the Lakers struggling to find their identity in the loaded Western Conference, starting problems with Stephen A Smith should be the last of Rondo's worries.