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Stephen A. Smith Says Stephen Curry Could Surpass LeBron James As This Generation's Icon

Stephen A. Smith Says Stephen Curry Could Surpass LeBron James As This Generation's Icon

It's not a secret that Stephen A. Smith is very high on Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. The Chef has taken his game to the next level this season, playing at an MVP level with the Dubs, leading them to the top of the Western Conference standings. 

Meanwhile, LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers are struggling to find their touch this campaign, sitting at 6th, eight games below the Warriors. The differences between these two teams and players are significant, which could change the way we see and compare LeBron and Steph. 

Stephen A. Smith recently claimed Curry is more like Michael Jordan than LeBron James, but that wasn't the end for the analyst. He also wondered if Curry has become the icon of this generation over James. 

"For years, we've compared LeBron and Michael Jordan. Can LeBron equal or surpass Jordan's impact on the game? His rings. How will LeBron’s legacy be compared to Michael Jordan's?"

" maybe the question we should start asking is this: Has Steph Curry overtaken LeBron James as the basketball icon of this generation?"

Smith said that LeBron could lose that status if Curry wins the championship this season. Moreover, he stated that The Chef will be in a better position to compete in the future than Bron, who is 37 at this moment. 

"As great as LeBron James is -- and he's a legend, don't get it wrong; he's on basketball's Mount Rushmore for crying out loud -- but if Steph Curry and the Warriors win the title this season, Steph will have as many rings as LeBron James. He will also be in the position to win more rings than LeBron James on a Warriors team that's simply better than the Lakers. And better positioned to compete for championship long term."

This is an interesting question from Stephen A., but it doesn't seem like fans agree with it. Curry has three championships, while LeBron won his fourth in 2020. James has twice the MVPs Curry has and has four Finals MVP while Steph has none. 

This is the biggest reason why Bron is at least a top 2 player of all time. Even though Curry has been great this campaign, not everybody believes he's reached the heights of James, Jordan and the greatest of all time.