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Stephen A. Smith Says Stephen Curry Won’t Win MVP Because He’s A ‘Pretty Boy’

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Plenty of fans and analysts believe Stephen Curry will step up his game this term to carry his Golden State Warriors to compete for big things in a season full of changes for the Dubs. Many believe Curry will have an All-Star caliber season, but some say that doesn’t necessarily mean he will actually win the award in the end.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith tried to explain why the point guard won’t win the MVP and everything because of his looks. During Tuesday’s edition of First Take, Smith explained Curry won’t be seen the best way as the rest of the players because he’s a ‘pretty boy’.

“He’s a pretty boy. He’s a finesse player, good looking dude, shooter. In the NBA, you know what they do to guys like that. They got D’Angelo Russell for the sole express purpose of having an additional guard, so what you’re gonna have is Steph playing some time off the ball and because he’s off the ball, they’re going to be running and I’m telling you, they’re gonna hurt him.”

It’s hard to say why Smith thinks this way. Steph is already a two-time MVP winner, so it’s interesting to see why he said what he said. Perhaps the fact that he didn’t have a teammate like Russell that could help him play off the ball had something to do with it, but it’s hard to imagine these ‘predictions’ come to fruition this season.

Still, the Warriors and Curry will have to face a lot of challenges in this campaign that could be hurtful for them.