Stephen A. Smith Says That Only LeBron, Kuzma And Hart Should Be Safe From Being Traded

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Stephen A. Smith Says That Only LeBron, Kuzma And Hart Should Be Safe From Being Traded

Noted ESPN pundit Stephen A Smith is known for being a bit of a wildcard when it comes to his commentary. He likes to make crazy predictions that are often filled with emotional justification. That’s part of what makes him so entertaining to listen to.

He recently made another fiery statement about the Lakers about what they need to do going forward. The Lakers have been ok to start the season and are only 2 wins away from the top seed in the West. They’ve played some good games and some bad games. They have a lot of inside scoring and JaVale McGee has been balling, but they could improve.

Stephen A Smith has said that going forward only LeBron, Josh Hard, and Kyle Kuzma should be safe from the trading block. LeBron is obvious, Kuzma is the Lakers 2nd top scorer and Hard is their best shooter so far. I agree with Stephen A on Ingram, Ball but not with Rondo and McGee.

Credit: Stephen A. Smith

Credit: Stephen A. Smith

Rondo is an amazing point guard who somehow undergoes a Hulk-like transformation when it comes to the Playoffs and McGee is currently a contender for Defensive Player of the Year in my opinion. McGee is averaging nearly 3 blocks a game in under 25 minutes an outing AND has the best-defended field-goal percentage out of any player that has attempted to defend at least 4 shots a game. These guys are vital for the Lakers going forward.

Everyone else should be on the trading block because they are very valuable. Ingram is a poor man’s Kevin Durant but could become an All-Star soon. Lonzo Ball will be an All-Star if he can sort out his jump shot. The Lakers need star power *cough* Anthony Davis *cough* and trading young talent is a great way to get one.

Los Angeles Lakers can form a super team with Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James next summer.

Also, they can offer a trade package for Bradley Beal or they can land a superstar for Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball.

You never know with Stephen A Smith though. One week he’s calling for people to be traded and the next week he’s saying that he was wrong and that there’s no way they should be moved.