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Stephen A. Smith Says The Brooklyn Nets With Kyrie Irving Are The Only Team That Can Beat Golden State Warriors

Stephen A. Smith Says The Brooklyn Nets With Kyrie Are The Only Team That Can Beat Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have had a hot start to the season. After a poor season last year where they missed out on the playoffs after losing two consecutive play-in games, the Dubs are coming back this year with a vengeance.

The Warriors were not the early favorites to win the championship or even reach the NBA Finals this season. Given the team building they’ve done, the Lakers were dubbed the favorites to come out of the West. And the Brooklyn Nets were considered the outright favorites to win the NBA championship.

But the way the Warriors have started off the season has fans feeling confident about their chances of winning the NBA championship. But it isn't just fans who are calling for another Warriors title.

Stephen A. Smith addressed the Golden State Warriors' form in their opening few games. He believes that if they can continue this form, they will be one of the favorites to win the title. On top of that, the only team that could possibly stop the Warriors isn't the Lakers, but the Brooklyn Nets if Kyrie Irving returns to the team.

"The Golden State Warriors might win it all... The way this team is hitting shots and free throws. If Klay comes back healthy, the only thing that will have any chance of stopping them is Kyrie Irving returning to Brooklyn. ... There is no one else, including the Lakers, that could knock them off."

Steph Curry has started the season off strong, becoming an early contender for the MVP trophy. Jordan Poole has taken a giant leap, putting up double-digit numbers in scoring regularly and giving Curry some back-up on the offensive end.

The fact that the Warriors have started the season 4-0 has fans very happy. On top of that, they expect to have key players Klay Thompson and James Wiseman back in the squad soon enough. It looks like the Golden State Warriors are not ready to let the dynasty fade away anytime soon.