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Stephen A Smith Says The Lakers Are The Front-Runners To Sign Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors has become a real possibility.

While everybody has their own opinions on where he might choose to go, ESPN's Stephen A Smith is convinced it'll be the Lakers.

"I'm hearing the Knicks and the Lakers, with the Lakers having the edge. That's what I'm hearing. Two weeks ago, I heard the Knicks had the edge. Now, I hear the Lakers have the edge. Let me tell you something, it appears to be one of those two teams which is Kevin Durant's next destination. But Golden State is telling me: 'There's no way in hell we believe he's leaving. We believe Kevin Durant's gonna stay.'"

The case for L.A. isn't a hard one to make. They have young guys capable of performing at a high level, they have a genius body of leaders in the front-office, and they have LeBron James, a guy who always seems to bring the best out of his teammates while demanding the best from himself.

For some, playing with Bron is a liability. Especially for a guy like KD, who has wanted to surpass him almost his entire career.

Would the Knicks be better... an unstable franchise with no supporting cast?

So when Stephen A says he hears reports that the Lakers are on top of the KD sweepstakes, it might not be as far-fetched as you think.

When you really think about it, L.A. has got more to offer than virtually any other team right now. So long as they can make Durant continue to see that, there's no reason why they shouldn't be considered the favorites to acquire his services this upcoming summer.