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Stephen A. Smith Says The Sixers Should Land James Harden For Ben Simmons If They Want To Win A Championship

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Fadeaway World

With Daryl Morey's imminent arrival in Philadelphia to become the 76ers president of basketball operations, plenty of rumors and trade ideas have been thrown in that direction in an attempt to strengthen the Sixers' squad ahead of a challenging new season. Morey, whose last team were the Houston Rockets, could be pushing for a reunion with one of his former players, or at least that's what some people around the media believe he should do.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said Morey and the Sixers should try to make a trade with the Houston Rockets for James Harden, although the price to pay may be too high for Philly. On ESPN's First Take, Smith said that landing Harden would boost their chances to make it to the Finals. In exchange, they would send Ben Simmons to Houston. This is a difficult decision but according to SAS, is the right one to make (1:14 minute).

“I would remind everybody while we sit here and we lament the state of affairs with the Houston Rockets and all of this other stuff, let me remind everyone that for the last three years James Harden has averaged 30, 36, and 34 [points]. When you talk about Harden with a big man the quality of a Joel Embiid, a healthy Joel Embiid, you’re talking chip," Smith said, as transcribed by Lorenzo Tanos of Inquisitr.

Smith claimed that the Rockets would have a big problem having Russell Westbrook and Ben Simmons in the backcourt knowing that they can shoot from deep consistently. He added it would be a financial move for the Rockets more than something absolutely related to winning 'ships.

Simmons, 24, is one of the best defenders in the league and he could be the leader of that 'change of culture' the Rockets want to make this season. However, Max Kellerman stated he wouldn't trade Simmons for Harden if he was Morey.

"I would not move Ben Simmons," Kellerman said. "I probably would test the waters to see what I could get for Embiid because I bet it would be a lot."

This is an interesting trade idea, but seeing how both teams are assembled, it looks like the Sixers would be the winners here. Perhaps the Rockets don't see with bad eyes landing Simmons, but it's very unlikely to see them parting ways with Harden, especially knowing how high they are on him and his prime.