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Stephen A. Smith Says The Warriors' Dynasty 'Is Over' After Klay Thompson's Comments

Klay thompson dynasty

A lot of things have been said about the Golden State Warriors following a very entertaining offseason. The Dubs are going through times of change after losing some big pieces over the summer, but they remain confident they can have a good performance next season regardless of the players they lost.

With several people stating they are going to have a hard time next year, even to make it to the playoffs, Klay Thompson stood up for his team during an interview with ESPN and claimed they are going to bounce back next year since he’ll be back ‘better and more athletic’.

Thompson blasted those who said that the team’s dynasty is over, calling those comments ‘ignorant’. Well, now people have started to respond to him, including Stephen A. Smith, who didn’t miss the chance to assure that the Warriors dynasty is indeed over and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

During Friday’s edition of ESPN’s First Take, Smith was asked if the dynasty was done, replying:

“Yes, it is, and we all know how I feel about Klay. He’s one of the top 5 shooters this game has ever seen, arguably top 2. I think he’s phenomenal, but I think the thing that we have to take in consideration, and I think Klay has to take this into consideration: it’s not about your talent. It’s about fatigue, it’s about attrition. You’ve been to five straight NBA Finals and there were times last year y’all looked completely worn out. As a matter of fact, during the Finals, you had guys scared to go out on the court because they were wondering ‘who is next?’”

Then Smith explained how things would have been different for the Warriors if they had a healthy Klay Thompson during the Finals, assuring that they would be champions even with Kevin Durant sidelined. But, he also broke down why he thinks the Warriors, even with Thompson back, won’t be able to win the championship next year.

“Kevin Durant is gone, you brought Willie Cauley-Stein, D’Angelo Russell, Andre Iguodala is gone, that’s a big component they’re going to miss. I think that the Lakers are so formidable, and the Clippers are so formidable. They are my two favorites; LeBron with AD, then Kawhi with Paul George; not sleeping on Portland, but I look at the teams in L.A. are having an edge over the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson, even if he’s healthy. “

Despite Klay’s words full of optimism, the NBA has suffered so many big changes this summer that it will look like a completely different competition next season. They can make things hard for some teams, but the Warriors aren’t in the best position to return to the Finals.