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Stephen A. Smith Selects His Top 5 Point Guards In The NBA Right Now

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(via The Ringer)

There are many talented point guards in the league today, and the game has evolved to the point where there are talented point guards on almost every team. However, there are some point guards that clearly stand out among the rest. Despite the insane amount of good point guards in the league currently, only a few can be considered for top 5 status. 

Famous basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith has recently compiled his list of the best point guards in the game today. While the list includes some obvious choices for the position, there are also some notable omissions. 

Stephen A. Smith doesn't really make any head-scratching choices here, as most of these players have an argument to be in the top 5 point guards conversation. Stephen Curry is obviously first, as he is continuing to show why he's the best point guard in the league by dominating without a superteam. The exclusion of LeBron James is understandable as he is classified as a SF. Overall, it's a solid list: however, Kendrick Perkins pointed out a notable exclusion.

Russell Westbrook was left off of Stephen A. Smith's list despite his amazing numbers. There are many who would agree that he is a top 5 point guard in the league, even with his rough start to the season. That is one of the hard things about trying to create a top 5 point guard list in a guard-dominant basketball era: there are simply too many talented players to choose from. While it is unfortunate that Westbrook wasn't included, the 5 players on Smith's list all deserve to be there based on this season.