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Stephen A Smith Shares Some Devastating News For Laker Fans


Monday morning, on ESPN's First Take, NBA analyst Stephen A Smith ripped the hearts of Laker fans everywhere.

In the infamous television debate show, Smith spoke on the relationship between Paul George and the Lakers and gave the latest update on the chances of George signing there this summer. Unfortunately for the Lakeshow, not only does he think George might stay in OKC, but he thinks that the superstar signing in L.A. is a "longshot."

“I don’t know what to say about it other than I don’t think he’s going to go to [Los Angeles],” Smith said. “It’s still an outside shot, but I don’t see him passing up on $45-$50 million to go to a team that’s inferior to the one that he’s on.

“Obviously, if you want to take into account the L.A. market — the palm trees, the sunshine, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive and all of those other things in between — if you want to do that, so be it, but right now I think it’s a long shot.”

Los Angeles is a very hard city to walk away from. As Stephen A. alluded to, the beautiful palm trees and sunny beaches make a pretty compelling case for anyone to want to live there. And the Lakers?

With all the thigs they've done, they might be the greatest organization in basketball. So many championships, so many stars, so many grueling yet satisfyingly historic moments that help make up the core of the franchise. How could anybody turn that down? For a guy like Paul George (who seems to like the big-markets), that kind of lifestyle appears to fit his mojo quite well.


Still, what good is any of that if it's in the past? Sure, Los Angeles is still as beautiful as it's ever been. But the team, the roster, it's in shambles. Nobody knows who the real centerpiece of the team is, whether it is Lonzo, Ingram, or even Kuzma.

According to Stephen A Smith, Paul George doesn't really care to help them figure it out.

In OKC, he gets his money, he gets a winning season, and he still gets to be the star in a city that loves him. Now, he's just got to decide if that's worth passing up on his dream to play in a place like L.A.

And you know what? It just might be...