Stephen A. Smith: "So Proud Of The NBA Players... I Do Think The NBA Season Will Continue"

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(via Sky Sports)

(via Sky Sports)

The Milwaukee Bucks took a major stand yesterday. They decided to not play their game vs. the Orlando Magic in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, starting a snowball effect in the league and the sports industry overall.

The two following games were postponed as all teams also decided to boycott their matchups. The WNBA, MLS, and some MLB teams also decided to skip their games in solidarity with the Bucks.

Needless to say, African American people all over the world took it to social media and television to express how proud they were of the Bucks and NBA players, including Stephen A. Smith:

"So proud of the NBA players. Can't say it enough. That's what is all about. Sacrifice because that's what they'll be doing. You know that the networks will lose money so as a result, the league is going to lose money, so as a result the owners are going to lose money and they're gonna make sure the players lose money. It don't matter. That's why the players are boycotting these games. That's what they're saying because are things that are more important than money. 'Our people is more important than money', that's what they're saying," Smith said.

Smith went on to add that team owners are well-connected to the political apparatus in the country so they're actually capable of making a difference and lauded the players for sticking together regardless of the financial implications it may have. Moreover, Stephen A. claimed that he believes the season is going to be finished regardless of the boycott and the players' stance because they still believe that they can inspire change and motivate people to vote on November 13th.

Smith once again affirmed that the fact that players are sticking together and it's not just the Bucks is going to make a huge difference by forcing owners to commit to their social causes. Hopefully, they'll address the issues that matter.