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Stephen A. Smith: ‘Warriors' Dynasty Is Over’

Stephen A. Smith: ‘Warriors' Dynasty Is Over’

After the Golden State Warriors saw how the Toronto Raptors dethroned them in the NBA Finals a couple of weeks ago, things haven’t gone the best way for the Dubs, as right now many people doubt they will bounce back next year, and more seeing that Kevin Durant won’t be part of the team anymore.

One of those people who don’t see Golden State being successful again is ESPN’s analyst Stephen A. Smith. During an appearance on First Take, Smith went straight to the point and spoke out his mind about what is probably going to happen with the Californians from next season onwards.

When asked if the Warriors’ dynasty was over, Smith replied:

“Yes, it is, but they don’t believe. They are salivating over the fact that the acquired D’Angelo Russell. They believe ‘we got a 23-year-old who’s an All-Star, ball-handling skills, point guard skills, perimeter shooting skills, we put him on the court with Steph, Klay, Draymond, we believe we’re gonna re-sign Looney, etc, etc.”

“You understand monetarily they made the right decision, what happened is: you lose Kevin Durant, but because you lose Kevin Durant you’re getting a player from the outside, you can go over the cap to bring another dude on board, triggering the luxury tax and all that. So you got to work out sign-and-trade deals that will facilitate you’re getting an asset in return because they can add anybody new."

He then explained all the money the Warriors have to pay their players in the following seasons and broke down why the team actually believes getting Russell was a good move, even if they had to trade Andre Iguodala, but that won’t bring the same level of success to the Bay that they had in the last couple of years.

“Andre Iguodala was not going to play much during the regular season, and without Kevin Durant, they didn’t expect to be back in the Finals. So, if he (Iguodala) is not going to play in the regular season because he’s 35, and you’re not anticipating the be in the Finals, why not get a player 12 years younger, who was an All-Star, who’s got fresher legs, who has a perimeter shot, who plays either the guard spots when Steph and Klay goes out -- That’s the argument, it makes sense, but I don’t think they’re winning a title anytime soon and that means the dynasty is over.

“I think AD and LeBron and L.A. for the next three years together neutralize Golden State from getting back to the Finals.”

Exactly what Smith said is what many NBA fans think of the Warriors ahead of next season and the ones after that.

Even though if it isn’t the Lakers, there are teams in the West who look dangerous right now and have a very good future ahead, while Golden State is a team whose best players are aging and that always means that they have little time before it starts to affect their game.