Stephen A. Smith: 'There's Only One Hope For LeBron And The Lakers Now!'

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The trade deadline finally struck, but we keep watching the repercussions of the decisions that were or were not made until the trade market closed. One of the teams that didn’t make any additions were the Los Angeles Lakers, while their neighbors and biggest rivals for the title, the Clippers, added Marcus Morris.

Curiously, Morris was one of the Lakers’ targets, but they missed out on him. Several people around the league believe this move gives the Clips an advantage over the Lakers. For instance, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has claimed the Lakers only have one hope against the Clippers and that’s LeBron James becoming a vintage version of himself.

While he praised Kawhi Leonard and the things he did to be considered one of the best players in the world, Smith focused on the Clippers’ new addition as the biggest factor against the Lakers.

“Morris is an additional body to defend against LeBron. You’re gonna throw Beverley at him, you’re gonna throw Paul George and then you’re gonna throw Kawhi Leonard at him and now you’re gonna throw Morris. You’ve got four different bodies that you can throw at the playmaker that is LeBron James. What’s your backup plan, Lakers? What’s your backup plan, Rob Pelinka? I don’t believe they have one against the Clippers.

“I got one hope, I got a hope that LeBron James turns back that clock about four or five years, it’s all I got. I didn’t feel that way until they got Morris.”

The Lakers are still in need of another playmaker to help LeBron James. If their offensive struggles continue, the Clippers will certainly have an advantage over them in a potential playoffs matchup. They have four impressive defenders to do the job against Bron.