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Stephen A. Smith Wants The Warriors To Trade Andrew Wiggins "Today" Amidst Concerns About Availability Due To Vaccination Status

Warriors Executive On Trading Andrew Wiggins- "Am I Going To Tell Him That He Will Never Get Traded At Any Point? No."

Andrew Wiggins has had one of the best seasons of his career this year, and he's grown as a player on a lot of Golden State Warriors fans. However, many people have criticized him recently after he was recently embroiled in some controversy.

It was reported that the Golden State Warriors were growing "increasingly concerned" about Andrew Wiggins' availability this season after he has refused to get vaccinated for COVID-19. The vaccine is widely believed to be safe and effective, though there are people who are still wary of it.

It remains to be seen how the Golden State Warriors will end up dealing with this situation, but according to Stephen A. Smith, the Warriors should trade Andrew Wiggins "today". Smith mentions that due to local San Francisco vaccine mandates, Andrew Wiggins could potentially miss all of his home games for the Golden State Warriors.

They should trade Andrew Wiggins today. Period. Get rid of him. Send him someplace else... I'm not saying he can't play... But this situation with the vaccination really has me vexed in this regard, and I think it's important to point out.

Andrew Wiggins right now because of the vaccination mandate in the city of San Francisco, would not be able to play in 41 home games for the Golden State Warriors. Then what do you need him for, what good is he to you?

It would certainly be unfortunate for the Golden State Warriors to not be able to play their starting small forward for half of the season in home games. They will likely be trying to compete for a championship next season, with Klay Thompson returning. Wiggins was slated to be a big part of their championship push.

We'll see what ends up happening with this situation. Regardless of the outcome, the Golden State Warriors have to decide on what to do, and we'll see what their decision is soon enough.