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Stephen A. Smith’s Debut As ‘First Take’ Host Is Everything We Expected And More

Credit: First Take

Credit: First Take

Stephen A. Smith took over ‘First Take’ as their brand new host and the decision was quite interesting for the analyst and the guests. Regular host Molly Qerim couldn’t moderate the first hour of Friday’s edition of the ESPN show, which led producers to put Smith in charge of everything.

As usual, the 52-year-old was ready to make people laugh, even though he took his job very seriously. More than necessary, actually. Smith warned his regular partner, Max Kellerman, that he needed to keep his answers short; otherwise, he’ll face punishment.

If that wasn’t enough, he did the same thing with every guest of the show, showing he wasn’t to play and that things were done his way or wouldn’t be done at all. This led to everybody to ask for Molly Qerim's return as soon as possible.

Luckily for Kellerman and company, Molly did return and everything went back to normal. However, several fans believe Stephen A. should be the moderator of the show from now on, but it’s better seeing him giving his hot takes and hilarious comments when debating than just cutting people’s time to talk.