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Stephen And Seth Curry Beat Raptors Players As Kids In Three-Point Shooting

Credit: Inside Buzz

Credit: Inside Buzz

Stephen and Seth Curry are two of the best shooters in the NBA right now. Although they haven't had the same level of success in the league, there is no doubt that they are very talented and have a lot to offer in today's NBA.

Ever since they were kids, people noticed they had the talent to play basketball and they showed that during his stay in Toronto, while their father Dell was part of the Raptors. One former teammate of the Curry family's patriarch, Antonio Davis, was a guest on Inside Buzz With Mikey Domagala, where he spoke about a variety of topics, including how good Steph and Seth Curry already were when they still were kids.

“Both Steph and Seth would come to practice and had an awkward shot. From their shoulders with two hands. Dell had to break down Steph’s shot. When be put it all together, look what it is now. Those young guys were beating some of our guys when it came to shooting, so I knew both of them were gonna be very special. It was just a matter of time.”

Now, several years after those contests, the Curry brothers are two of the greatest sharpshooters this league has seen in recent times. Some people consider Steph the greatest shooter of all time, the player who changed the game of basketball and Seth has done incredible things, as well. The shooting guard ranks second in 3-point shooting percentage with at least 250 made threes in NBA history.

Davis and the rest of the Raptors knew first hand the things these two could do before anybody else. Steph and Seth are definitely something special.