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'Stephen And Warriors Need More Than Klay To Win A Championship', Says Chris Broussard

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Chris Broussard doesn't have the best news for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, claiming they need more than having Klay Thompson back to win an NBA championship in the next couple of seasons. Thompson was ready to play this season and another injury will have him sidelined until the next campaign.

The Warriors are hoping to get the best version of the Splash Brother but not everybody believes that having Klay back will take the Dubs to the top of the league again. Broussard made the case against the Californians in a recent edition of First Thing First, saying that they will need more than Thompson to aspire to win a title.

"My big takeaway is that they are more than a Klay Thompson addition next year away from winning the championship. I think they'll be a top Western Conference team with Klay but their goal is of course to win the championship and they're going to need more than Klay Thompson to beat the Lakers, the Clippers, the Brooklyn Nets, and Philadelphia, even Milwaukee perhaps. I was actually hoping for the sake of really good competitive balance and to see if the Warriors could get back, that they could make a move at Aaron Gordon at the trade deadline. (...) They won't have money this summer but Blake Griffin will be out there as a free agent, a Richaun Holmes, I don't know if they can pull some strings to add a kind of an athletic big, but they're gonna need something in addition to Klay to try to win a championship next season."

Just like Broussard, plenty of people thinks the same about the Warriors. Adding Klay will surely lift their level but they will need something else to beat the top teams in the West and the East. There are five superstars they can add in the offseason to try to improve their level and have a bigger chance to win the championship next year.

Stephen Curry is doing everything he can to lead this team to the promised land but things haven't gone in his favor so far. Once Klay is back, their original Big 3 will be reunited and the Dubs will be a terrifying team again. However, if they want to reclaim their throne, they will need to add more firepower to the roster.