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Stephen Curry Adorably Greeted A Young Fan Who Was Devastated When He Missed The Game In Denver Earlier This Week

Stephen Curry Adorably Greeted A Young Fan Who Was Devastated When He Missed The Game In Denver Last Year

Stephen Curry is undoubtedly one of the most popular players in the NBA. Curry's talent as a shooter is legendary, and can never be matched. Being able to do something at a level that no one else can has allowed Curry to have a massive crossover appeal, and become one of the most beloved players in the NBA today.

Curry is a star across the league and has fans all over the country. Earlier this week, one young fan was very excited to see him play when he and the Warriors went to take on the Denver Nuggets. But Curry did not play the game, leaving the fan heartbroken, as she was looking forward to seeing her favorite player.

This time, Curry made amends and greeted the fan last night. Ahead of the Warriors game against the Nuggets, Stephen Curry approached the young fan and greeted her. He had a brief interaction, but one that was powerful enough to bring the young fan to tears. It was a truly heartwarming moment to see.

The young fan only had to wait about 3 days to see her favorite player, but that doesn't take anything away from the moment. She was touched to see Curry interact with her, and one can imagine how great it must have felt for Curry to interact with a young fan.

The Warriors were able to avenge their loss to the Nuggets from earlier this week last night, as they defeated the Nuggets in their own building. Stephen Curry had a big game, scoring 34 points against the Nuggets to help his team get an important win in the closing stretch of the season.

The Warriors are expected to be major contenders coming out of the Western Conference and have a strong chance to reach the NBA Finals for the first time since 2019. The Warriors have a great squad, but they need to keep the momentum going and close the season out strong.