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Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson's Viral Reaction On The Bench After Losing Game 3 Against The Celtics: "They Definitely Need Kevin Durant"

Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson's Viral Reaction On The Bench After Losing Game 3 Against The Celtics: "They Definitely Need Kevin Durant"

The Boston Celtics dismantled the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday to secure a big win that keeps the home-court advantage on their side. The C's were inspired and playing the first game of the Finals at home. They did everything to beat the Warriors, who couldn't do much to stop Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and co. 

From the start to the beginning, the Celtics always kept things under control, and even when the Warriors threatened to steal their lead, they knew how to respond. Once again, they outscored the Dubs in the 4th quarter, winning it 23-11 to get a huge win in front of their fans. 

Even though Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson had a solid game, with the latter recovering his best form. Still, it wasn't enough to get past the Celtics, and once again they failed to deliver when it mattered the most. 

While the game was ending, the Splash Brothers were caught on camera, looking very upset with the result and the development of the game. They were zoning out, trying to find something to look at while the clock was running. 

Their reaction to the loss is going viral, and many fans had something to say about it. Some criticized Draymond Green's performance, others said they need Kevin Durant back and the rest just made fun of the Warriors:

Draymond only talks and turns the ball over

Draymond averages more fouls than points 😭😭😭

Draymond Green is a liability and his defense is not really that good the line up I would go with moving forward is Curry,Klay,Wiggins,Porter,Looney plenty of size and scoring and ability to grab rebounds

“Warriors in 5”

Chill 2-1, lets go Warriors

Triple Single Draymond 😤

Good Celtics game 5

Warriors in 6, don’t trip 🏆

Draymond just an instigator atp😂 more fouls than points.


Warriors need a big man literally

Tell Kerr stop taking them out when they’re hot

Draymond can’t even get 5 rebounds smh🤦🏽‍♂️

Bet they could use KD.. I’m out 🏃🏽‍♂️

Warriors needa legit big man

Awwww it hurt dont it 😂

draymond don’t be offering nothing on the offensive end

Now they’re gonna be saying warriors in 6 💀

They know they need KD 😂😂

Tell draymond to stop tackling people 😭

They turned into smacking bros real quicc 🤣

This was a tough blow for the Dubs, who now need to win Game 4 and try and see if they can take a 3-2 lead at home. They need to figure out this situation if they aspire to win it all. The Celtics have proven to be a tough task for Golden State and they have the momentum going. Steve Kerr has a lot of pressure on his shoulders right now.