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Stephen Curry Becomes First Player To Make 500 3PT Shots In The NBA Playoffs

Stephen Curry Becomes First Player To Make 500 3PT Shots In The NBA Playoffs

Steph Curry just took yet another step to cement his name as a top-10 player of all time by becoming the first and only player in NBA history to have made 500 three-pointers. His closest competitor on the three-point charts is LeBron James, who is not playing in the playoffs this season.

Curry started the game extremely cold from three-point range but made his first three-pointer of the game with 48 seconds left in the first half. The Warriors are currently trailing the Memphis Grizzlies in a surprisingly low-scoring matchup that is 41-38 in Memphis' favor at halftime.

Despite Curry being 1/6 from three in this pivotal Game 4 between the two teams, his one three-pointer has added his name to the history books yet again. Knowing his explosive shooting ability, this number is just going to skyrocket over the course of the remaining playoff games this season and over the course of Steph's career.

The achievement has been made, but this game is anything but a good game for GSW considering their shooting woes. The Grizzlies have been able to close out on the Warriors' shooters and made life extremely tough for them. Curry's shot has looked a little shaky, but the second half could see a massive momentum swing if the shots start falling. 

Curry is going to retire as the single-greatest three-point shooter in NBA history, which is quite a remarkable distinction. The future generations will shoot just as much as Steph, if not more, so there is no telling how long this record could stand.

Players like Trae Young could possibly one day make as many threes as Steph in the playoffs, but if players like him can't make the playoffs enough, it looks like Steph will rule over this record for a long time, especially as he still has many more threes to make in the post-season.