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Stephen Curry Believes No Shot Is A Bad Shot For Him: "If I'm Taking A Shot, There's A Confidence That I Can Make It."

Stephen Curry Had 1561 Of His Three-Pointers Hit Nothing But Net, Garnering A 52.6% Splash Rate

Stephen Curry changed the game of basketball with his shooting ability, and there has been an uptick in 3PT shooting because of him. Unlike other shooters, Stephen Curry is confident shooting from almost anywhere beyond the half-court line. 

For many other players, some of the deep 3PT shots that Stephen Curry takes would be considered bad shots. But Stephen Curry is a unique player, and for him, a wide-open deep 3PT is a similar quality shot as one right beyond the arc. As a result of his stellar offensive game, many believe that he is the hardest player to guard in the league.

Michael Wilbon recently had an interview with Stephen Curry and asked him whether he considers any of the shots he takes bad shots. Curry revealed that he doesn't, and claimed that there's he is confident that he can make any shot that he takes. (1:15)

I was about to say one that doesn’t go in. No, because you know if I’m taking a shot there’s a confidence that I can make it.

Stephen Curry's shotmaking last season propelled him to the scoring title, and it is clear from these first 21 games that the Warriors have played that he is still on a tear. There's no doubt that he is having yet another MVP-caliber season this year. The Golden State Warriors are 18-3 to start the season, and they have shown no signs of their play starting to drop off.

What's even crazier is that Stephen Curry and the Warriors are playing well without the services of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman. With those two in the fold, it is clear that the Warriors will be a better team, with Thompson providing shooting and Wiseman providing rebounding and size.

Hopefully, Stephen Curry can lead the Golden State Warriors back to the playoffs this season. As of now, it looks like that will happen, and many fans are certainly looking forward to seeing Stephen Curry in the postseason again.