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Stephen Curry Blasts The NCAA Amid Women's Basketball Controversy

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March Madness is a basketball event that is usually a fun time for college basketball fans. People like watching the many college teams compete against one another, perhaps creating their own brackets for the tournament. However, this March Madness season already has its first controversy.

Recently, a video came out from Sedona Price that highlighted the disparity in the resources that were given to the men's basketball tournament and the women's basketball. The men clearly got better amenities, and Sedona Price made sure to call out the NCAA over this issue. Many people have called out the NCAA over their unfair treatment of women basketball players: one of those players was Golden State Warriors star, Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry has long been a proponent of equality in sports, and it is good to see him speak out on such a big issue. It seems like the NCAA should have made sure the amenities were equal for both tournaments ahead of time, considering March Madness is a fairly large event. At some point, people just have to do better: it is clear that the NCAA is under criticism for some good reasons.

Having a star like Stephen Curry Tweet about the problem is amazing since it draws attention to this unfair treatment of women's basketball players. An organization like the NCAA definitely has the resources to fix the problem, and hopefully, they do so in the near future.