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Stephen Curry Discusses Warriors’ Future After Major Roster Overhaul

Stephen Curry Discusses Warriors’ Future After Major Roster Overhaul

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the NBA, with plenty of big moves completed from every team around the league ever since the free agency started at the end of June. One of the teams who had a very entertaining open market were the Golden State Warriors, who saw how several figures left the team for different reasons.

Their biggest losses have to be Kevin Durant going to the Nets, as well as losing Andre Iguodala (via trade) and Shaun Livingston (waived), two of the players who helped the team to become the biggest force in the league and rack up multiple titles and records. Besides those three, the Warriors had to say goodbye to DeMarcus Cousins (Los Angeles Lakers), Quinn Cook (Lakers), Jordan Bell (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Damian Jones (Atlanta Hawks).

Furthermore, the maximum figure and leader of the team, Stephen Curry spoke out about the future of the franchise, how he prepares for the next season and all the things that happened to the Dubs during the summer. He took some time to talk to the media after a practice round at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe on Thursday.

As expected, he was asked about Kevin Durant’s departure to the Brooklyn Nets, which Curry replies to as only a great leader knows.

“I mean, the three years that we had were special," he said via Mercury News. "With K.D., we had three straight Finals appearances. We won two of them, and we accomplished a lot as a group.

“The beauty of free agency is everybody has a decision, everybody has a choice. You want to find your happiness wherever that is. The beauty of the NBA is everybody has that decision at some point, especially guys that deserve it, like KD and other top free agents. I like to look at what we accomplished and focus on that and be extremely proud of this run that we had. Now we are going to have to recreate it in terms of what it means going forward.”

The All-Star point guard also discussed the new addition of D’Angelo Russell to the team and how things are going to work from now on sharing touches with the 23-year-old.

“The noise he made last year was amazing, what they did in Brooklyn and him taking the next step as a certified all-star. I haven’t had much personal interaction with him, on or off the court other than playing against each other. Back when he was drafted, there were some comparisons of our game, how smooth he played, he can shoot, he can pass. Having a guy versatile like that only helps your team.”

Of course, he had to talk about the departures of both Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, two of the best teammates Chef had during his glorious runs to the Finals.

“I’m the oldest on the team now, so I’m going to have to step my game up,” he said.

“You talk about Andre and Shaun, two guys that do things the right way, having the ultimate level of professionalism and leadership, and just have a presence when they walk in the room, that makes them who they are, three-time champs, both of them. They have a lot left in the tank. So it’s going to be fun, going to be hard to watch them on other teams. But look at all that we accomplished and those are things we’ll remember for a lifetime.”

After a very busy offseason, the Warriors are ready to continue their dominance in the Western Conference, even if they don’t have the same depth and power they had in prior years, facing a super stacked conference that is set to be crazy and incredibly competitive.

Still, Curry has hopes to see his team doing a good job next year, with him leading the way while Klay Thompson is out due to a torn ACL.