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Stephen Curry Doesn't Pressure Warriors To Trade For A Proven Player, Says Bob Myers

Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

The Golden State Warriors didn't have the best NBA season this year, having the worst record in the league after losing Kevin Durant in free agency and seeing Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry go down with injuries before and at the beginning of the season.

The Warriors have now the chance to have a top-5 draft pick. The general belief is that the Warriors will use that lottery pick to bring in another star to team up with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. However, Myers clarified that their Big 3 isn't pressuring him to bring anybody to the mix.

"Those guys are great — they want to win; we want to win," Myers said in a pre-lottery conference call with reporters. "I don’t feel any pressure from any of them to do a certain thing. I know it’s been written that we need to win now and they need to get a proven player. They’ve not said that to me. Maybe they would at some point, I have no idea. But I think they know, and if they obviously want to talk about it, they can call me or I’ll call them and get their thoughts. I’ve already kind of joked with them and asked them what they like in certain players."

They are ready to be competitive again and it seems like whatever path they pick, they will be a threat for the rest of the Western Conference. Players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Aaron Gordon and others have been linked with the Warriors, but that's all speculation now.

They took a year off to get ready and come back stronger than ever. A lot of people think the Warriors dynasty is done, but don't sleep on this team.