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Stephen Curry’s Epic Reaction To Warriors Players’ Faces Mixed: "Steph’s Laugh Is Contagious"

Stephen Curry’s Epic Reaction To Warriors Players’ Faces Mixed: "Steph’s Laugh Is Contagious"

Stephen Curry is one of the funniest and coolest NBA stars. Simply watching him play is fun, but his personality is more humorous than that. The 2x NBA MVP doesn't hesitate to make jokes and is always in good spirits. 

That said, a video of Curry reacting to seeing the Warriors players' faces mashed saw the light, where you could see the point guard laughing watching the curious combinations they put together. In a short video, Curry tries to guess what players' faces were merged and even gives them made-up names. 

It first starts with Klay Wiseman, a combination of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman (duh!), but things got more interesting after that. The second combination was Jordan Poole and Draymond Green, who looked like Steve Harvey with dreadlocks. 

Curry couldn't hide his laughter and called Jordan Green 'phenomenal.' 

The third exhibit showed Kevon Wiggins, who also made a good combination. After that, he had a hard time figuring out the last mashup, which turned out to be Andre Iguodala and Juan Toscano-Anderson. 

"I just saw it. It looks like a strong, defensive tackle," Curry said. 

curry 2
curry 1

Well, Steph passed this test and he had a lot of fun doing it. That's how the Warriors hope to live this season, with joy and laughter. Things started pretty well for them after a 121-114 over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Curry posted a 21-PT, 10-REB, 10-AST triple-double to dominate the purple and gold at Staples Center. The 3x NBA champion and co. are on a mission this year. They want to return to the top of the league after two difficult seasons and Curry won't rest until he accomplishes that. 

The Warriors can become a threat for the Lakers this campaign, and last night's game was a message to LeBron James and co. This season can be fascinating for the Dubs, who will try to return to the Finals after a two-year absence.