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Stephen Curry Had 1561 Of His Three-Pointers Hit Nothing But Net, Garnering A 52.6% Splash Rate

Stephen Curry Had 1561 Of His Three-Pointers Hit Nothing But Net, Garnering A 52.6% Splash Rate

The NBA world is still buzzing after Stephen Curry's historic night at Madison Square Garden. Playing against the Knicks, Stephen Curry surpassed Ray Allen for the most three-pointers made in NBA history. It was a historic night seeing Curry reach that milestone. But a closer look at his road there shows just how prolific he has been.

As pointed out by analyst Marcus Thompson, Stephen Curry has made 1561 three-pointers (out of a total 2974) that have hit nothing but net. In essence, Curry has a splash rate (nothin but net percentage) of 52.6% when making his threes.

For any shooter who prides themselves on their shot-making, nothing but the net is what they're always aiming for. It is the indicator that the shot is virtually perfect, with the only thing better than that being a shot where the net does not move at all, indicating that it was perfectly accurate.

Curry's 'splash rate' just goes to show how prolific he has been with his shooting. Over half the three-pointers he made hit nothing but the net, showing why he is considered the greatest shooter in NBA history. And while he used to struggle with that title, he feels like he can accept it now that he has broken the record that Allen held.

Going forward, Curry will probably further this record to an amount most would deem insurmountable in the future by the time he retires. But as things stand, there are 5 young players who are currently on track to surpass Stephen Curry's record if they continue making three-pointers at the rate at which they are currently.

If they are able to surpass Steph, he will make sure to be in the building for that, just like Reggie Miller and Ray Allen were at MSG for his big night. The trio took a picture, with many fans heralding it as a picture with the three greatest shooters in NBA history.