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Stephen Curry Has The Most 3PT Shots Made In A Month In NBA History

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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has been on fire during the month of April, all while willing the Golden State Warriors to wins. The Golden State Warriors went above .500 with their recent win against the Sacramento Kings. It has been fun to watch Stephen Curry as the undisputed main scorer once again, hitting ridiculous 3s and scoring impossible layups.

During his recent hot stretch, Stephen Curry set the record for 3PT shots made in a month. While we've grown accustomed to Stephen Curry breaking shooting records, it is insane that he is setting them all while facing extensive defensive coverage, with teams often selling out to stop him from shooting from distance. After the game against the Sacramento Kings, Stephen Curry has made 85 3PT shots, with two games still to play in the month of April.

Stephen Curry has a legitimate chance of being able to finish with 100+ threes at the end of the month. While that would require him to continue his MVP-caliber offensive outbursts, that shouldn't be that much of a problem. Stephen Curry's scoring explosions weren't required as much during the dynasty years. But with the team he has now, they need Stephen Curry to keep scoring, and that's what he's been doing. Stephen Curry's barrage of 3PT shots will continue as long as his team needs his offensive output, and more records will inevitably be broken if that is the case.