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Stephen Curry: 'I Wish We Could Still Play With Kevin Durant’

(via Mercury News)

(via Mercury News)

Kevin Durant departure from the Golden State Warriors is still painful for some of his former teammates, including Stephen Curry, who explained he felt disappointed in the fact that KD left the Bay to join the Brooklyn Nets in free agency.

Speaking to ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Curry told he was flying to New York City to check in with KD when news broke that he'd decided to link up with Kyrie Irving on the Nets:

"At the end of the day, we live in an age where choice [is] at the forefront, and K, you know, made a decision for himself, and you can't argue that. I wish we could still play with K. He's an unbelievable talent, unbelievable person. We accomplished a lot together. But, you know, things have changed a little bit. So you obviously wish him the best, obviously with his recovery first and foremost and things on and off the court. But we're gonna have to battle down the road. So this should be a fun, new experience on that front, too."

Last week, KD spoke about his time in the Warriors with J.R. Moehringer of the Wall Street Journal, claiming that he never felt part of the family that players like Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala created before he landed in the Oracle Arena.

"As time went on, I started to realize I'm just different from the rest of the guys," Durant said. "It's not a bad thing. Just my circumstances and how I came up in the league. And on top of that, the media always looked at it like KD and the Warriors. So it's like nobody could get a full acceptance of me there."

Curry replied to these statements saying that he’s a friend of KD ‘on and off the court’ and isn’t too concerned about what was the real reason why he left the organization.

"I mean, that's tough," he said. "There's so many narratives that go on, especially when you're at the top of the league. No matter how, you know, the full transition happens to Brooklyn, him separating himself from the Warriors—that's gonna happen."

Albeit there is a back and forth between Durant and his former teammate, there is no doubt that these two guys made the Warriors one of the most dominant squads in the league in recent times. KD is expected to make his return to the court next season, after rupturing his Achilles during the 2019 Finals.

Curry, on the other hand, is set to lead the Warriors, who won’t count with Klay Thompson for a big chunk of the season, to compete in the stacked West and proof they aren’t done.