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Stephen Curry Is Learning How To Type During The NBA Suspension

Credit: IG/Ayeshacurry

Credit: IG/Ayeshacurry

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the world without any hesitation. He’s the guy with arguably the best eye-hand coordination in the NBA, but apparently, that only works for him on the court.

Steph is taking the most advantage of the NBA suspension due to the coronavirus outbreak and is trying to learn new things during the quarantine. A man with his talents that seems to be a natural at everything he attempts to do surprisingly doesn’t know how to type.

Steph’s wife, Ayesha, posted an Instagram story in which his husband appeared practicing his typing skills, struggling to do it properly. Ayesha was mocking him and trying to cheer him up at the same time, but the Warriors point guard was obviously having a hard time with the keyboard in front of him.

"I never really learned how to type," Curry can be heard saying in the video, "but now since my second grader ... argh!"

Don’t worry, Steph. It’s all about practice. You have a lot of free time now and your eye-hand coordination is perfect for that task. He’ll surely be writing like a superstar in no time. Meanwhile, his wife is having a laugh throughout the whole process.