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Stephen Curry Is On Another Level: 145th In Games Played This Season, Still 1st In 3PT Made

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Stephen Curry is widely known as the greatest shooter that we have ever seen. He is a smaller guard that has cemented his spot among a pantheon of greats. Despite the fact that the Golden State Warriors are currently the 9th seed, the guard's value to the Golden State Warriors has been clear.

Part of the reason the Warriors are in this position is that Stephen Curry missed some games this season. Although he has missed games, he has still shown that he is a cut above the other guards in this league when it comes to shooting. Recently, Hoop Colony has shared a post on Instagram that showed that even though Stephen Curry has missed a fair amount of games, he still leads the league in 3PT shots made.

Stephen Curry currently has 239 3PT makes on the season, and he has played 48 out of the possible 56 games. The fact that he is still leading the league in that category is astounding, considering the league has some pretty good shooters. However, when we talk about shooters, there's Stephen Curry, and then there's the rest of the crowd. We are seeing Stephen Curry with some of the highest usage rate of his career, with 33.2%, which could explain how many 3PT shots he is making. The high usage rate obviously results in Stephen Curry having the freedom to score at will. The Golden State Warriors are currently on a 4 game winning streak, and Stephen Curry has looked unstoppable. This statistic shows just how ridiculous Stephen Curry's shooting prowess is: if the Golden State Warriors make it to the playoffs, then there is no team that wants to face them in the 1st round.