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Stephen Curry Met Jay-Z And Blue Ivy After The Warriors Won Game 5

Stephen Curry Met Jay-Z And Blue Ivy After The Warriors Won Game 5

The NBA Finals are the ultimate stage when it comes to basketball. This is what teams work for the entire season to give themselves a shot at the championship. So when the time comes, and the stage is set, the biggest stars are at the game to watch the best teams in the league fight it out for the honor to hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

This season is no different. Several celebrities have already been spotted at the games. Some questioned whether Jordan Poole realized that Zendaya was in the crowd for Game 5, and that's why he hit the huge buzzer-beater in the 3rd quarter. But one huge celebrity that was present for the game was none other than rap artist Jay-Z, who was there with his daughter Blue Ivy. 

Multiple cameras caught a moment between Curry and Jay-Z and his daughter following the huge win for the Warriors. 

Curry seemingly handed Blue Ivy a shirt or some other gift, taking a moment to talk to Jay-Z before walking off and letting out a primal yell. 

A lot of people will want some of Steph's time if the Warriors can close out the series and win their 4th NBA title in 8 seasons. Curry is set to win his first Finals MVP even though he had quite a disappointing Game 5, and a lot of people are ready to put him in conversations as one of the Top 10 players of all time if that happens. 

Steph himself will be focused on none of the noise around him or the people that are there to cheer him on, the Warriors guard knows exactly what needs to be done for Golden State to clinch another championship. Game 6 in Boston promises to be an incredible spectacle, and if Draymond Green is to be believed, then it is one that Curry is likelier than not to go off in