Stephen Curry On Kevin Durant: “The Great Ones Bring The Best Out Of You, And Hopefully, I Did That For Him, In Terms Of Pushing Each Other. You’re Always Kind Of Competing Against Other Teams."

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will share the court once again but this time as rivals after spending three seasons with the Golden State Warriors. Curry and Durant took their team to three straight NBA Finals, winning two titles in the process.

Now KD is part of the Brooklyn Nets and Curry is still the face of the Warriors. Things didn't end too well between them but in recent days, Durant and the Warriors have been throwing flowers at each other. This time, Stephen Curry was the one praising his former teammate, recalling how good he was, how great he was together and how much they helped one another reach different stages during their time together.

“The great ones bring the best out of you, and hopefully, I did that for him, in terms of pushing each other. You’re always kind of competing against other teams,” said Steph Curry, via NBC Sports.

“But you’re kind of competing against yourselves in practice when you’re doing shooting drills. And I’m watching him work out with Q and he’s watching me. All those three years, there’s a lot of that kind of chemistry and camaraderie on the court.”

Curry went further and revealed he was always enchanted by KD's talents and all the things he could do on the court. He will have to watch that from the other end of the ball but Curry recognizes that watching KD play was magical.

“You’d always kind of find yourself in awe of stuff that he could do on the floor. And I know he’s commented about [the same feeling] with me. That was a big part of our success, was kind of feeding off each other… that pursuit of greatness every day.”

The Nets and Warriors open their season against each other at Barclays Center tonight. Obviously, Durant and Curry will draw the most attention in one of the most anticipated games of the season.