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Stephen Curry On What He Expects From Draymond Green In Game 2: "No Other Scenario Where I See Playing Out Any Different Than Him Coming Out With Great Energy, Focus."

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green

Draymond Green's performance was less than ideal in Game 1. Despite holding an early lead, the Warriors gave up a huge run to end the game, and none of the team's three stars was able to respond.

Draymond was especially disappointing, with just 4 points on 16% shooting for the night.

Still, Stephen Curry knows to expect more from him in Game 2. Ahead of Sunday's contest, the 2x MVP spoke highly of his long-time teammate and affirmed his belief that Green will pour in a huge performance:

Precedent favors a Green response. The Warriors need it now. The safe bet, as this season has proven again, is he will figure it out. For a title, he has to.

“That is the expectation,” Curry said of Draymond, per Marcus Thompson of The Athletic. “There’s no other way. No other scenario where I see playing out any different than him coming out with great energy, focus. Just making his impact felt on the court. I know he takes all that stuff personally in terms of his standard and what he knows he can do out there on the floor. So when he doesn’t meet that, he’s usually honest and accountable to himself first and foremost, to the team, and then you go out and hoop.”

Green, 32, is still as versatile as ever. On offense, he's an elite playmaker with excellent court vision. On defense, he's able to guard any position and sets the tone for every one of his teammates.

More than anything, though, Draymond is a gifted leader who isn't afraid to hold himself, and his team, accountable for mistakes. No matter what else happens on Sunday, you can bet that the 4x All-Star will be looking to make amends for his shortcomings in Game 1 and it will make the Warriors that much harder to beat.