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Stephen Curry Reacts After Warriors Lost Game 1 Of The NBA Finals: “It’s About Winning Four Games By Any Means Necessary.”

Stephen Curry Reacts After Warriors Lost Game 1 Of The NBA Finals: “It’s About Winning 4 Games By Any Means Necessary.”

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have qualified for the NBA Finals for the sixth time in the last eight seasons. The feat has cemented the Warriors' place in the history books.

But what's better than qualifying for the NBA Finals six times in eight tries? Well, winning four rings. The Warriors already have three titles to their name in the Steph Curry era. If they can win this year, it will have an amazing impact on the legacy of Curry and the rest of the Warriors' superstars.

That would be the ideal way to finish this season. However, it's easier said than done as the Dubs are already down 0-1 in the 2022 NBA Finals. Moreover, they had a great start to the fixture and, to be honest, played pretty well until the final quarter. In the fourth quarter, the Celtics dominated the Warriors and completed a stunning comeback.

Following the defeat, Steph Curry was asked about his views on it. Curry gave a reply that will certainly boost the confidence of Warriors fans.

(Starts from 0:15):

"It’s not ideal but I believe in who we are and how we deal with adversity, how we responded all year, how we respond in the playoffs after a loss. So learn a lot from that fourth quarter, obviously they made a lot of shots. It seemed like they didn’t miss ’til deep into the fourth. When you have a team that just finds a little bit of momentum like they did and they keep making shots, it’s tough to kind of regain that momentum."

He continued, “It’s about winning four games by any means necessary, and for 42 minutes, we did enough to win a game tonight, and that’s not how basketball works. I think everything starts to come on the table when you look at trying to get ourselves back in the series on Sunday and taking it from there."

Despite losing the game, Steph isn't worried about the outcome of the series. There is a reason that it is a best-of-seven series. With just one game played, the series can still go either way.

The Warriors have the benefit of the experience on their side, which can come really handy down the line. But will it be enough to counter the energetic squad of the Boston Celtics, who are playing their first NBA Finals in a long time? We will find the answer to this question in the coming days.