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Stephen Curry Reacts To Embarrassing Failed Dunk Attempt

Stephen Curry Reacts To Embarrassing-Failed Dunk Attempt

The Houston Rockets won the third game of the Western Conference semifinals against the Golden State Warriors, in a thrilling match that saw how James Harden took care of business and led the Rockets to a 2-1 series. Albeit Harden and his 41 points and clutch shots were the main starring of the game, villains also made their appearance for Golden State and left the team helpless when they tried to steal the third game from Houston.

Stephen Curry, for example, had a horrible game that ended the worst possible way for the Splash Brother. In overtime, Curry first missed a wide-open layup that could have helped his team to get closer to the Rockets, but if that wasn’t enough, Curry pulled off one of the weirdest plays in these playoffs.

When the Rockets were celebrating Harden’s 3-pointers, Curry took the ball and went to the rim without a single rival to stop him; when he attempted to make the dunk, he botched it, giving the ball to the Rockets that ended up winning the game.

Talking about that play, Curry said that was “not my finest moment.”

“I was feeling pretty good, had a nice head of steam. Probably a little bit of frustration, too, with how the rest of the night went. But, not my finest moment.”

He played arguably the worst game of his career, posting 17 points, shooting just 7-of-23 from the field and 2-of-9 from distance. His defense wasn’t the best either, and that served Houston to score plenty of times through the game. Albeit the Rockets won the third game of the series, the Warriors still can take one from Toyota Center and close things out at home.

Good thing Mike D’Antoni’s team took advantage of Curry’s horrible game because that doesn’t happen very often.