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Stephen Curry Reacts To Video Of Man Throwing Propane Tanks Onto Truck: "Leave The Follow Up Bro."

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Stephen Curry Becomes First Player To Make 500 3PT Shots In The NBA Playoffs

Stephen Curry is known as the greatest shooter in NBA history. He is a superstar that has won multiple championships and has changed the game. We've seen 3PT attempts steadily increase in the league, and that is clearly due to Stephen Curry's influence.

Whenever someone does something cool regarding throwing things and being precisely on target, they are compared to Stephen Curry. One such video from the Twitter account Overtime featured a man throwing propane barrels onto a truck, with each of them landing precisely on top of the other. The caption called the man "the Steph Curry of propane". Stephen Curry's reaction to the video went viral, with the point guard telling him to "leave the follow up".

Leave the follow up bro.

There is no doubt that this is a very impressive thing to do, especially considering the weight of a propane tank. Stephen Curry was clearly impressed with the feat, and it is good to see that he offered some shooting advice, even if it was likely meant as a joke.

As of now, Stephen Curry is likely focused on returning to the court for the Golden State Warriors playoff series against the Denver Nuggets. He has been out with a knee injury, but his return should give the Golden State Warriors the edge in the matchup. Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic is definitely a tough player to play against though, and Steve Kerr once claimed that he makes defense difficult for the opposing team.

It remains to be seen how far the Golden State Warriors will go in the playoffs. They have a fair amount of talent on the team, and if Stephen Curry is 100%, they have a solid chance against any team in the Western Conference. Some believe that they can win it all, and perhaps this is the year we see Stephen Curry back in the Finals.