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Stephen Curry Saves An Old Lady From A Basketball Aimed At Her Head

Stephen Curry Saves An Old Lady Before A Basketball Hits Her In The Head

Stephen Curry is not only great on the court but off it, too, as he's shown several times. The 2x NBA MVP is one of the coolest players out there, always trying to help the less fortunate and bring joy to people's lives. 

After dressing as Santa Claus during Christmas, The Chef became a hero when he saved an old lady from getting hit by a basketball earlier this week. As he practiced some shots and played around with the ball, an old lady was walking by and Steph's got a pass that was in the woman's direction. 

The lady was unaware of the situation, and if it wasn't for Steph, she would have taken a big hit in the head. Fortunately, the player reacted quickly and took care of the situation. He took the ball away from her, making sure everything was fine, and even made a shimmy before picking the ball up. 

After that, he kept playing, using the basketball as a volleyball and sending it back to the bench. 

This could have been a terrible sequence, but Steph acted fast and prevented the woman from getting a big hit in her head. 

At the end, who received the big hit were the Warriors. They couldn't get past the struggling Dallas Mavericks and lost the game, 99-82, looking nothing like the dominating team they normally are. 

Curry had a terrible night, scoring 14 points, grabbing 9 rebounds, and dishing 5 assists. That was the first of two losses the Warriors have suffered in the last two games. They're going through a rough patch right now, but Steph is confident things can get better. 

Klay Thompson can return this weekend and that will surely boost the team's chances to get wins, even if Curry has a low night.