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Stephen Curry Says He Would Dominate In The Pre-Jump Shot Era

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Stephen Curry is the person behind Kenny Sailors' documentary 'Jump Shot'. Sailors became famous for popularizing the jump shot, a move that Curry has perfectioned during his career, becoming the greatest shooter of all time with the Golden State Warriors.

Curry appears in the documentary, of course, discussing how he would've fared during the pre-jump shot era. At some point, players answer that question, including Dirk Nowitzki, who says he would've gotten some buckets during those years. As for Curry, he claimed he'd dominate that era with all the skills he's shown during these years.

“I think I'd be a monster.” He chuckles, “I feel like a little step-back or between the legs crossover would throw somebody into the first row," the three-time NBA champion said.

Steph has become the greatest shooter of all time during his tenure in the NBA, and he still has a few years ahead to increase his legend. The point guard has changed the game of basketball with his style of play and although it is hard to compare eras, one imagines it would've been the same case with Steph.

We'll never know; we only see what he's done during these years and the results are pretty great for the Golden State Warriors superstar. Still, he feels confident that he would've thrived during the pre-jump shot era.