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Stephen Curry Says His Young Warriors Teammates Shouldn't Feel The Pressure Of Winning A Championship, "This Year's Different."

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The Golden State Warriors had an underwhelming Christmas matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks. While the Warriors have been plagued by injuries to their veteran stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Stephen Curry has returned to San Francisco to bring some life to the team that posted the worst record in the league last season.

After the game on Friday, Steph said this year will not be like the championship seasons the Warriors have experienced the past few years. ESPN asked what advice Curry would give the younger players on the Warriors roster his answer surrounded the Dubs’ expectations for themselves.

“This year’s different… to not feel any pressure around the Warrior teams of the past… but this year’s different. It’s a new group of guys, we would have loved to play better over these last two games but that’s not going to define our season at all. And go win these next two… that’s what you got to focus on now.”

Going from the NBA Finals to the worst regular-season record in the league was a hard fall for the franchise but Curry seems to want the Dubs to pivot around that. Just focusing on the more immediate future rather than the big picture of a championship.

Curry and the Warriors organization have been adjusting to a Kevin Durant-less roster for a bit. It seems rather wise of Curry to mitigate expectations for younger players who might be disappointed by not making the Finals or the playoffs but that is not the immediate goal.

The Warriors were one of the eight teams that failed to make the NBA playoff bubble in Orlando. Instead, the organization lucked into the second overall pick in the 2020 draft but injury woes two of their two all-stars Thompson and Green leave it to Steph to set the tone for the other Dubs players. It will be interesting to see Curry’s leadership skills in the coming months.