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Stephen Curry Says The Warriors Will Have To ‘Scrap’ For Everything Next Season

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It’s not a secret that the Golden State Warriors enter this NBA season as a completely different team than the one that played in the last five NBA Finals. They lost several figures during the offseason and things look different for the Warriors, with some people even claiming they won’t make the playoffs.

Following the departures of Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, as well as the injury of Klay Thompson, it’s fair to think the Dubs don’t have high expectations for this season.

Now, the Warriors will be led by Stephen Curry and Draymond Green with D’Angelo Russell trying to insert himself into the mix and keep this team as a competitive one. This has changed the team’s expectations, and Curry believes they will ‘have to scrap for everything’ this season.

“At the end of the day, we’re gonna have to scrap for everything,” Curry said, via Sam Amick of The Athletic. “And I like that kind of vibe where there’s nothing pretty about what we’re going to do.”

The All-Star point guard has set his sight on the playoffs, making it the main goal of the team, hoping to get Klay Thompson back to the lineup in time for the playoffs. Once that happens, Curry believes the Warriors have a big chance to claim the NBA title.

“We get to the playoffs, we’re full strength with who we have on this team, Klay is back, and we have the championship pedigree that will follow us and we’ll be the team that, like you said, you don’t want to see across the bracket.”

It’s hard to say the opposite here, as the Warriors have proven they can do big things if they count with their original big three. Even though Klay will miss a big chunk of the season, they count with D’Angelo Russell now, a guy that can bring a lot of good stuff to the conversation.